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Immigration Law and policy is complex and ever-changing. We have extensive experience in achieving favorable results for Applicants, Petitioners and Beneficiaries in a wide variety of immigration matters. Navigating this arena without an advocate on your side can be daunting. Our team can help you through the process.

Immigration Through a Family Member

A U.S. citizen or Legal Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder) may be able to sponsor you to come to the U.S.

Immigration Through Work

Depending on the field you are in and the highest level of education you have attained, you may be able to qualify for a green card through work sponsorship.

Immigration Through Investment (EB-5)

The U.S. has recently opened its doors to foreign investors. Visit our special EB-5 center on this website for more detailed information.

Asylum and Convention Against Torture Claims

Call us for a legal consultation before you consider filing a case on your own. Many of your friends or acquaintances may have “won” their asylum cases, but remember, every case is different. Don’t take the risk, especially in this complicated area of the law.

Diversity Lottery Program

The rumors are NOT true. This program still exists! Contact us for assistance with filing your submission online. *Only nationals of certain countries are eligible.

Non-Immigrant Temporary Visas

B1/B2 Visas

Have you been denied for a visitor’s visa at your local U.S. embassy? Call us today. We may be able to help.

L1 Visas

These visas are specially designed for the transfer of managerial or executive employees. If you already have a business both overseas and in the U.S., your employees may qualify for this visa. If you don’t have a business here, contact us regarding business formation strategies that may help you to achieve your immigration goals.

H1B Visas

Come to the U.S. as a temporary worker. This type of visa may help you land the job of your dreams and may help you to eventually become a green card holder all at the same time!

E2 Treaty Visas

Want to invest in the U.S., but don’t have $500,000 USD (as required by the EB-5 program?) Come to the U.S. on a two year temporary visa with no minimum investment! *Note: only nationals of participating treaty countries are eligible.

J1 Visas and Waivers

Are you interested in a J1 student or transfer visa? Do you already have a J1 visa subject to the 2 year foreign residency requirement? We can help. Contact us.

Deportation and Removal Defense

Our firm has handled numerous removal defense cases. We deal regularly with Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). We have a good rapport with these federal agencies and are there for you when you need us.

Humanitarian Parole

Our current laws of immigration do not take everything into consideration. If you have a compelling circumstance that requires your family member to enter the U.S. urgently, contact us.

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